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Beautify Your Outdoor Space

EQ Landscaping has been servicing the Ventura County area for many years. In this time, we have learned the ins and outs of designing, installing, and maintaining the perfect landscapes and hardscapes. We offer our services to both residential and commercial businesses and our free quotes are just a phone call away.










Eq Landscaping Landscape




Eq Landscaping Hardscape

Stone & Deck


Light work in your yard can be fun, relaxing and very rewarding. While many homeowners enjoy spending time in their yard planting flowers or watering the plants, when it comes to major yard alteration its best to hire an experienced landscaper. E Q Landscaping is here to help construct or maintain your yard for you. Having your yard professionally remodeled can give you a little piece of paradise, and it isn't that costly. Because we have all the proper tools and experienced landscapers we can offer affordable prices to our customers

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